Barre Yoga – Combining Ballet, Pilates, and Yoga for Improved Strength, Balance, and Posture

Barre Yoga – A Low-Intensity, High-Intensity Workout

Barre is a low-impact workout that combines the movements of ballet with the strengthening of Pilates and yoga. The results are improved balance, core strength and posture.

Barre is ideal for people with sedentary lifestyles who want to improve their posture. Many former dancers and non-dancers can benefit from this upbeat exercise method.

The Basics

Barre combines the movement of ballet with the strengthening of Pilates and the stretching of yoga to create a full-body workout. It also helps participants achieve a more sculpted, slimmer look.

In addition to the physical benefits, barre also helps students focus their minds. This is because barre exercises require a high level of concentration. The small, precise movements of barre increase the focus of the mind and reduce stress levels.

In order to get the most out of a barre class, it is important to prepare beforehand. Students should wear comfortable clothing that is light and moisture-wicking. They should also eat a snack and hydrate before class. It is also recommended that students wear grippy socks to prevent their feet from getting slippery during class. In addition, students should be aware that the class is intense and that their muscles may shake. This is normal, and it is a good sign that their muscles are working hard.


Bar yoga sessions typically use a freestanding or wall-mounted bars and a mat, though other props like exercise balls, resistance bands and yoga knee pads may be used as well. You can find classes at a studio or take them from the comfort of your home with an online provider.

A good mat is the most important piece of equipment for barre yoga, as you’ll be spending a lot of time on it. Consider factors like grip and thickness – a thin mat is ideal for hot or vigorous workouts while a thicker one might offer more cushioning for poses that require longer periods of time on your hands and feet.

This option from Jade was a favorite of instructors we spoke with because it has visual alignment markers that help you stay on top of your pose and a nonslip surface to keep you from sliding during sweaty workouts. It’s also made from ecofriendly, natural non-Amazonian rubber and is OEKO-TEX certified, which means it’s free of harmful chemicals.


Barre is not one-size-fits-all, and many of its exercises can be modified to fit any body type. Modifications to a move can be simple and subtle, such as changing the positioning of the arms in a beat swing or placing more small mats under the back during “low curl.” Other times, they may involve a change in the amount of weight placed on the barre, which can help alleviate pressure on the wrists and ankles.

One of the great things about barre is that it builds core strength in a way that other forms of exercise don’t. Using the small precise movements of barre helps build muscle in areas that aren’t often targeted in yoga, and this can make all the difference in feeling strong throughout your day.

Try these five barre moves from Elisabeth Halfpapp to strengthen your core. They also build the kind of upper body strength that can really carry you through the rest of your workouts.


Barre is an excellent workout for anyone who wishes to build strength and tone. It is a great fit for both novice and experienced exercisers, former dancers, and fitness newbies alike. It provides that all-around strengthening many desire with the added benefits of Pilates and yoga movements. It also helps to increase a deeper mind-body connection, as the small precise movements require a high level of mindfulness and focus.

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