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Bar Rescue is a reality show where veteran nightlife consultant Jon Taffer revitalizes bars in dire need of help. Since 2011, Taffer has helped over 229 bars. 109 of those bars remain open today.

The popularity of the reality show can make it difficult to keep track of which bars have remained open or closed after receiving a major makeover from Taffer. This blog post will reveal the latest on the status of these bars.

Martini Brothers Burger Bar

The owners of Martini Brothers Burger Bar want to rebrand their business as a sports bar. They also want to rid the bar of the shady owner Jacob, who has an 8% stake in the business and is doing nothing but drinking.

Jon sends two Ohio food critic spies to the bar for recon. They see a filthy kitchen and an art gallery where patrons finger paint on the walls.

Mixologist Mia Mastroianni trains the bartenders on basic cocktail recipes. She also runs a stress test where she counts mistakes the bartenders make. Anyone who makes ten is pulled from the bar. They improve but still struggle with accuracy.

Ripper’s Rock House

Jon visits a bar owned by former Judas Priest frontman Tim “Ripper” Owens and his partner Micah Posten in Akron. It’s a live music venue with an image centered around hard rock, which has led to poor profits.

The staff is unorganized and inexperienced, leading to a messy and unclean environment. The owners are feuding, so Jon must help them resolve their issues and save the business.

Since the rescue, the bar has changed its name to Tim Owens’ Traveler’s Tavern and had a menu overhaul with a new cocktail list, cool speaker-patterned wallpaper and new tables and chairs. The chicken wings have also been upgraded to include a boneless option.

Filling Station Pub

Filling Station Pub is open and has a great atmosphere with good food. They have a Rock-Ola Bubbler jukebox and offer a variety of music nights each week including LGBTQ night, Piano Bar, and Bluegrass.

Sissy Xue moved to the US with her son from Hong Kong to set up this bar which is located across from a military base. It was a success making $60,000 each month as the military flocked there for drinks and fun.

Despite their problems they hired young attractive female bartenders to attract the male clientele. However, the women were not professional and were bringing in inebriated customers.

Stix & Stones Bar and Grill

Stix & Stones Bar and Grill in Sugar Creek, Missouri, is a drag race-themed bar that’s losing $75,000 a year. Owner Billy Banks bought the bar to combine his love of cars and owning a bar. But business has slowed and he’s struggling to keep his staff happy.

Jon Taffer visits the bar, renames it The Pit Stop Bar and Grill and gives it three POS systems, a smoke machine, uniforms and new decor. But it’s not enough to turn around the business.

Unfortunately, the bar did not last long. It closed around six months after Taffer’s visit in 2020. Fortunately, the owners opened a different bar under the same name in 2023.

Edge of Town

The Edge of Town is a bar in Blue Springs, Missouri. It appears to be open and still has an average rating on Yelp.

Jon helps a struggling bar owner, Frank, overcome his short temper and improve his business. He teaches him to make tropical drinks and spruces up the interior with a fresh coat of paint and new furniture.

Mark and Ozzie were also featured on a Bar Rescue episode in 2013 where they showcased their other bar Vertigo. That location seems to be doing well but has a much lower rating on Yelp than Water’s Edge.

Schafer’s Bar and Grill

In 2010, Schafer’s Bar and Grill was raking in $1.2 to $1.8 million a year. After five years of running the business, Jeff sold it to Ryan and Nita, who hoped to make their own mark on the industry.

The two new owners were not able to meet the financial expectations, leading to some serious issues at the establishment. Despite their best efforts, they were unable to get things back on track.

Jon often ruffles feathers with his larger-than-life personality and no-f*cks-given attitude. He has been accused of dramatizing his visits for entertainment value, but he is quick to deny those claims. The truth is that many of the events on the show are staged.

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