Y Bar Ranch: Hunting Opportunities & Ranch Operations.

Hunting at Y Bar Ranch

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Y Bar Ranch is an exceptionally well watered operation with 1,200’ of the year round flowing Verde River bisecting the headquarters and extensive irrigated pasture on deeded land. Y Bar Ranch’s farming division produces Buffel grass seed for Pogue Agri Partners.

Deer Hunting

Our deer hunting is done out of blinds located at a variety of feeder sites. These feeders are set up to go off twice a day once in the morning and again at night. This allows us to have a great opportunity for some good South Texas quality deer.

The Y Bar Ranch is an exceptionally watered operation with the year round flowing Verde River bisecting the headquarters for 1,200′ and a large irrigation well on the deeded land as well as a well on the Horseshoe Allotment. The Y Bar Ranch Farming Division operates this property with all of its own equipment for land preparation for grain production, seed planting, hay harvesting and brush control.

The Y Bar Ranches farming division is one of the largest Buffel grass seed producers for Pogue Agri Partners. In addition to Buffel grass, the Y Bar Ranches farming division plants a combination of oats and beef builder rye for cattle grazing and wildlife management.

Turkey Hunting

A large population of Rio Grande turkeys makes for a challenging and rewarding hunt. Y Bar Ranch has the facilities and guides to make your Turkey Hunt the experience of a lifetime.

Y Bar Ranches cattle operations are managed with the ranch and wildlife as the top priority. The operation has a high acreage per cow rate and utilizes a progressive drought program that has proven to be very effective in keeping the ranch in great shape during dry times.

The Ranch is extremely well watered with the year round flowing Verde River bisecting the headquarters for 1,200′ and a large irrigation well on the deeded land. The irrigation well is served with gated pipe and concrete ditches to supply water for livestock, hay production and the grazing program.

The farming division plants a mixture of Buffel and Klein grass seed, Tamo Oats and Beef Builder Rye annually for cattle grazing and wildlife management. A majority of the field work, hay harvesting and brushwork is done with Y Bar Ranch equipment.

Hog Hunting

Hogs are one of the most destructive invasive species on our land. They devastate crops, destroy public parks and are relentless in their pursuit of prey. They have no natural predators and reproduce at a high rate, which makes them difficult to control. The state of Texas has deemed year-round hunting to be the best method of controlling the population.

NineBar Ranch offers a unique opportunity to enjoy hog hunts in the beautiful West Texas countryside. Unlike some other ranches, we offer a fully guided hog hunting experience to ensure the best chances of success. Our sows produce at a tremendous rate, and we place numerous corn feeders throughout the property for our hunters to target.

Upon arrival you will be welcomed by our friendly staff and settled into your deluxe cabin. After a contental breakfast you will have the option to shoot sporting clays, play pool or horseshoes, or go for a swim. During the afternoon/evening you will load up for your first hunt of the day.

Dove Hunting

The South Texas weather makes for a spectacular Mourning Dove Hunting season. We conduct morning and afternoon dove hunts during the September and October seasons. Guests enjoy dove hunting over sunflower and milo fields that have been featured on MOJO Outdoors TV.

The first day of the dove hunt begins with a continental breakfast and then you can hunt until your daily bag limit is achieved (U.S. Fish & Game sets the daily bag limits for dove). During your mid morning break you can have a full meal or just relax at the lodge and enjoy the amenities.

Dove hunters will stay in the main lodge the first two days of their hunt. They will then move to the shooting house for their third day of dove hunting. This 3 day – 2 night package includes meals; lodging; maid service while on the ranch; transportation while hunting; guide service (1 on 5); drinks and dove cleaning.

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